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Wed, Jan. 23rd, 2008, 08:21 pm
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Henry Horenstein. Horenstein has worked as a photographer, teacher, and author since the early 1970s, his career as a teacher started at Harvard in 1974. He is an author of over 30 books, including many monographs (HONKY TONK, HUMANS, CREATURES, AQUATICS, CANINE, RACING DAYS). His newest book, CLOSE RELATIONS, recently published by powerHouse Books, is a collection of photographs he made as a student studying under Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). His textbooks have been widely used by hundreds of thousands of photography students over the past 30 years. Horenstein lives in Boston where he continues to photograph, exhibit, publish, and teach at RISD, where he is professor of photography. He is known for being one of the most influential photography educators in the United States.

Dr. Juliet Hacking. Dr. Hacking is the Programme Director of the MA in Photography (Contemporary and Historical) at Sotheby's Institute of Art in London. The MA is unique in that it allows students to study photography entirely as a branch of art history and visual culture, while also developing their skills of professional practice (as curators, gallerists etc). . Juliet joined the Institute in 2006 from Sotheby's auction house (London) where she was the Head of the Photographs Department (from 2003). Prior to joining the auction house as a cataloguer in 2000, she worked as a researcher at the National Portrait Gallery (London). She was the curator of the N.P.G. exhibition Princes of Victorian Bohemia: Photographs by David Wilkie Wynfield and wrote the accompanying book (NPG/Prestel 2000). She trained as an art historian at the Courtauld Institute (B.A., M.A., PhD) specialising in nineteenth-century British photography, and has taught as a Visiting Lecturer at the Universities of Derby and Reading and at the Courtauld Institute.

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Wed, Dec. 19th, 2007, 02:10 am
donryu: Something Interesting.

Hey guys thought I'd post something that I found a tad interesting while perusing the wide world of webbyness, 

Here is why 3d artists must learn or know how to draw  

Thought you all would enjoy.

Anyway I was at an internation animation festival at the
5 spot here in Atlanta and I was a tad dismayed at the lack of presence of AIA students.  

It's run by
Asifa  which is a pretty big organization.  It's really cool and a great way to network in the industry.  

I hope you all enjoy

Thu, Nov. 8th, 2007, 09:34 pm
wyntur_snow: Just a bit of a heads up

Students be sure to check your faculty pages on the webpage for AIA. 

I came across this little bit of information regaurding the schools teachers for the Animation Department. Now there are several problems here. The first and foremost being that it hasn't been updated since about 2004. The part that really gets me are the creditials for some of the teachers. . .a great many of them according to the posted bits on the webpage, have never worked in the industry as I'm sure you've been told by the admissions office no? 

I just thought it was interesting. 

Mon, Sep. 24th, 2007, 08:32 am
neo_prodigy: A Little Piece of Parchment

After launching a phone campaign and months of investigation, look what finally came in the mail last month.

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And for making me wait 8 fucking months for what's rightfully mine on top of the other three years of bullshit I had to endure.Collapse )

Thu, May. 31st, 2007, 10:43 am
foxylynn: Big Wheel bowling

Check this video out of people smashing into cans of some sort here.

Thu, May. 17th, 2007, 08:26 pm
neo_prodigy: Don't Hold Back

Greetings AIA Students.

I know it's been five months since I've graduated and I have no doubt you have missed my ranting and bitching about all things AIA something fierce.

Well turn those frowns upside down gang because your friendly neighborhood neo_prodigy has a brand new adventure just for you.

When we last left our hero, moi, he was anxiously yet patiently awaiting his diploma. You know the one he spent three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars earning.

Deciding to light a fire under the Powers that Be at AIA, I decided to investigate the hold-up. I contacted an administrative source who looked up my file. Said source informed me that there was a hold on my account.

I scratched my head and asked the $60,000 question, "What the fuck?"

I had not heard from the school since February and when I last spoke to them I was informed that my account had been cleared and everything had been taken care of. In fact, precisely seven days ago I received a refund check from the school.

So, how could I possibly owe the school money when in fact they're giving me money back? And if there was a hold on my account, why haven't I been informed during the past three frikkin months?

Well I contacted the Accounting Department and sure enough everything on my account was in order and the person I spoke with on the phone couldn't understand why there was still a hold on my account. Surprise surprise.

So basically three months have been wasted because someone was to fucking careless to remove a hold that had no business on my account in the first place.

Obviously it's been a minute since I've been at the school and they've clearly forgot who they were fucking with.

One way or the other I will be getting my diploma. They will either mail it to me soon in pristine condition or I will be making a trip to Atlanta. And if I have to come down to Atlanta, I'm making two trips. To the school and to a pawn shop to pick up 12-gage.

And I promise you it won't be in that order.

Tue, May. 8th, 2007, 02:37 pm
angelofdream: (no subject)

I hate to do this but anyone know how I could contact Greg McClune or ANYONE who teaches Math 113? Or if anyone has a copy of the syllabus?

Why you ask? Why couldn't I just do this myself?

Well, first of all I left the school last summer because I was sick of paying to go to a school where I didn't learn anything, half the people there didn't want to learn anything and the people working there were rude. For the past week I've been trying to get ahold of someone at AiA that could help me with a problem of my new school not accepting my Math 113 credit. My new school wouldn't accept the the catalog explaining the course and wanted something from the department.
I call the general ed department and the only sweet person I've talked to there called me back and told me she no longer ran the department and to speak to the Dean of Student Affairs. The person in that office then (not the dean) sent me over to the Registar's office where some bitch told me there was nothing to be done, the course was online and apparently SHE has no problem looking up courses for other schools. I explained to her that I've already shown the math department the website and book and they didn't care. They wanted something more from AiA (which, they already think is a made up school and I don't blame them).
She then repeated herself about it being online. I think she spaced when I told her I've already been down that road. I told her again what I've already done that to which she basically called me a lair.
....why would I bother her if my school could do this on its own?
She asked me for the teacher's name and I said "I think it was McClune". She replied, "Well, that doesn't help does it? You'll need to connect the teacher once you are sure who he was. Go look at your transcript. It *might* have it."
...if she's in the Registar's office can't she just pull up my transcript and find out. Shouldn't she know if it has it?
I told her I couldn't get to the school to pick up the transcript because I'm in another state and EVERY request for a transcript for myself from that school has been turned down. No problem sending it to another school three months later from the request though. She said I owed money then. I told her I didn't and I wasn't informed of this, I was just told I couldn't get a transcript. She said "You're lying, I've worked here 8 years and that is not our policy."
Then someone didn't want to be bothered that day did they? This is the same school who is still trying to charge me for classes I haven't taken and tried to charge me for housing I didn't live in.
She also told me there was no one to help me because there was no one taking over the gen ed department. She seemed bothered that I was transfered to her and would hardly let me get a word out.
At this point I don't care whose right or wrong or why I was tranferred to her but for her to be rude to me was uncalled for.

I'm sick of that school and I really don't want to call there again and if someone could help me out I will be forever grateful.

Tue, Mar. 13th, 2007, 11:12 am
neo_prodigy: For a Little Piece of Paper

It occurred to me that many of you aren't aware of the fact that for some odd reason my alma mater, the Art Institute of Atlanta (Hogwarts), doesn't give out the actual diplomas during graduation.

I don't understand why they don't have our diplomas ready when we walk across the stage. They have no problem getting our bills ready for us. It takes an average of three months to even get said diplomas and I later learned that they aren't always in the best shape. Sometimes the diplomas arrive in the mail ripped and wrinkled.

Although plaques are handed to graduates during the graduation ceremony, when it's flipped open this is what you find inside.Collapse )

Sun, Mar. 11th, 2007, 06:54 pm
neo_prodigy: Welcome to the Other Side

Congratulations to my old roommate and good friend Chevaughn as well as Marie, Tiarra and all the others who passed Portfolio and will be graduating this quarter.

All of them are amazing artists and animators and they deserve endless praise. And they have all joined me on the other side of graduation in a little place I like to call freedom.

Chevaughn's demo reel absolutely blew me away when I saw it. It is superb and then some. But don't take my  word for it. Go check out the work of an amazing animator at her official website.

Trust me. It's worth the visit.

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